The Purge Workbook

Altovise Pelzer
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Why Purge?

Many of you have gotten into business coaching programs where you were inundated with the push for more, more, more. Accept more friends’ requests, write more emails, launch more courses and then you end up frustrated and overwhelmed. That is the reason I started doing the purge for my clients and my own business. I stopped being focused on more and started being more focused. It was a huge shift from what the mainstream was doing but it created some great momentum in my business that most in mainstream were not seeing.

“I stopped being focused on more and started being more focused”

Another reason why the purge became necessary was due to there being a huge shift on social media. What was originally an outlet to talk to old friends quickly blossomed into a business superhighway. Oh and best believe that in these internet streets……. the slightest delay would put you in the way of oncoming traffic. Ouch! MLM’s and Entrepreneurs crashed daily in a battle to get sales. Yet many only received very small trickles of revenue instead of streams. People had a friends list of 5000 with little to no traffic at all.

Ah, but I noticed something major. Some of those with huge followings still only had small amounts of engagement. I later found that many of these people bought followers (Yea, I thought that was extreme too) and as social media shifted back to being more social, they took a hit in a big way. So even before the whole FB 5 media storm of 2019……. I’m a dork so don’t judge me……I took it upon myself to make some huge changes that paid off.

I want to take you through this process so you can see your own success. Be it that you are looking to start a movement online or that you want to build up a client pool, this purge will help you in a big way.

Let’s Purge,

Altovise Pelzer

Founder I World Voice League & Host of the #SpeakEasy Podcast

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