The Ripple Effect

Altovise Pelzer
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The Ripple Effect Synopsis

Throw a pebble into a puddle and see what happens.

The ripples stretched far beyond the point of contact. Your life has been a series of pebbles, stones, bricks and boulders thrown into a lake that has already been troubled by storms. "The Ripple Effect" takes you through the process from getting out the boat to walking on water along with all the steps in between. People often make bold statements about what they want to do but fall short when it comes to executing.

Altovise, took huge steps in her life that have broadened her capacity to believe and created connections that she did not imagine possible. Some tell you to jump and others tell you to say yes. Altovise is telling you to throw a pebble into the puddle and watch “The Ripple Effect”.

Now you have the blue print to move in purpose and build a legacy.

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The Ripple Effect

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