Leverage:The Hold My Hand Concept to Business, Culture & Families

Altovise Pelzer
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This book will redefine the discussion, use and definition of leverage. The support that we need vs. the support that we want has always been foggy. Let's be honest, most of us can look at our description of "getting help" through three sets of eyes. 

Our Parents 

Our Environment 

Our Level of Knowledge

You can see how the definition of support has been completely chopped and screwed. 2017 was my year of determining the true meaning of "Hold my Hand" for me. I reflected on the help that I used, accepted, rejected and needed throughout my life and I have seen some very disheartening truths. Those truths are laid out in this book. You will walk away will a sore behind if you are as stubborn as me. lol You'll also walk away with a renewed sense of self-empowerment, idea of community and a renewed heart for the people in your life. 

I can "Hold Your Hand" through the pages of this book but I won't guarantee that it will be an easy journey. 


I want to impact the lives of 1,000 women with this book within the first week. That's 1,000 women shifting their mindset, that's 1,000 women having healthier relationships and that's 1,000 women breaking free from a poverty mindset. Will you join me? 

There are two ways that you can help

1. You can purchase a copy of the book and give a review on my Facebook business page or my LinkedIn page. 



2. You can gift five copies of the book to people you know. (You MUST have the recipients email address to gift a copy) Just choose the gift option during checkout. 

Thank you for helping me to impact 1,000 women this week. 

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Leverage:The Hold My Hand Concept to Business, Culture & Families

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